LAGCOE Student Paper Competition

  1. Ghith Ali Biheri, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Preformed Particle Gel Conformance Control Performance in Partially Opened Fracture
  2. Bin Wang, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, An Embedded Approach for Near Wellbore Streamline Simulation
  3. Doris Ortiz, Louisiana State University, Modeling and Simulation of Nanoparticle-Stabilized Supercritical CO2 Foams for EOR Applications
  4. Majdi Chaari, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, A New Approach to Flow Assurance Using Artificial Intelligence in Subsea Development
  5. Yuxuan Jing, University of Tulsa, A Computational Investigation of Seismic Wave Focusing as a Novel Means to Fracture Shale Reservoirs
  6. Thanyanat Akarapatima, Colorado School of Mines, Multivariate analysis of physical and elastic properties in sandstones, as measured in laboratory and compared to the well logs
  7. Renato P Coutinho, Louisiana State University, The Case for Liquid-Assisted Gas-Lift
  8. Sherif M. Fakher, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Improving Carbon Dioxide Storage and Sweep Efficiency in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Using Micro-Particle Gels
  9. Fatick Nath, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Strain Visualization in Laminated Rocks
  10. Khatere Sokhanvarian, Texas A&M, A New In-situ Generated HCl Acid System for Carbonate Dissolution in Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs
  11. Dupeng Liu, Kansas University, Economic and Environmental Analyses of the Integrated Dehydrogenation and Hydroformylation in Propane Expanded Liquid Process
  12. Neeraj Mahajan, Univ Alaska Fairbanks, Anti-collision Risk Management Guidelines for Alaska North Slope Directional Wells
  13. Arupananda Sengupta, Pennsylvania State University, Methane Conversion Into Solid Carbons for Electrochemical Applications
  14. Bharatsai Alla, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Wellbore stability analysis of Sanish Bakken Field using 3-D Finite Element Modeling - case study
  15. Adriane Melnyczuk, Missouri University of Science and Technology, CO2 Absorbent Particle Gel for Carbon Storage with Enhanced Oil Recovery



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