Hosted Buyer Program

Buyers, Delivered.

To offer even greater value to our exhibitors, LAGCOE 2019 and U.S. Commercial Service are working together to bring you a free Hosted Buyer Program. This service will pair you with buyers in your industry sector/geographic area for a series of scheduled one-on-one sessions at your booth. Our matching service makes it easy for you to secure valuable time and attention from the right decision-making buyers. Give them a tour of your booth and come prepared to make a great impression.

Hosted buyer meetings are scheduled during the afternoons (2 - 6 p.m.) of October 9 - 10 and from 10 - 2 p.m. on October 11. Each appointment is allotted 30 minutes, allowing the buyer ample time to travel from booth to booth on the show floor. You’ll receive your tentative schedule of appointments several weeks before the show and will have an opportunity to review it and make changes before it is final.

U.S. Commercial Service is currently recruiting international buyer delegations in the following countries:


To participate in the Hosted Buyer program, you will need to log in to your exhibitor console and edit you Company Profile to provide additional information so you can be matched effectively.

  1. Select the option to participate in the program where indicated
  2. Provide the requested information.

Our system will match you based on product offerings/geographic area as well as any buyers that have marked/saved your profile with a star. The more information you provide in your profile, the more buyers will find and/or be matched with you.

Please note: Even if you previously provided info for your exhibitor profile, you will still need to log in to the system to opt in for Hosted Buyer matching and provide the required info.

Aside from the Hosted Buyer program, filling out your profile is an important way to make sure potential sales leads can find you at the Expo. We recommend all exhibitors take advantage of the added visibility available through the online portal.



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