Careers in Energy

LAGCOE strives to assist the oil and gas industry in the development of a qualified workforce, from the high school level, all the way through retirement.

Future Energy Professionals

Beginning with the Future Energy Professionals program, high school juniors and seniors are given the chance to learn about the energy industry while touring LAGCOE's biennial technical exposition & conference with a Young Professionals of LAGCOE (YPL) volunteer and a UL-Lafayette Engineering Ambassador for a hands-on experience with the technology and mechanics of the oil and gas industry.

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LAGCOE Career Fair

LAGCOE presented its first-ever Career Fair designed for the oil and gas industry as part of 2013 show activities. Supporting the ever-expanding oil and gas industry is a top priority for LAGCOE. Organized by an expert team of community and industry leaders, the LAGCOE Career Fair brings together potential employees and energy companies seeking experienced and new industry professionals.

Check out this video with highlights from the 2015 LAGCOE Career Fair:

LAGCOE Education & Innovation Summit

LAGCOE continues to work to bring value to the energy industry even during economically difficult times by hosting the LAGCOE Education and Innovation Summit. Part of LAGCOE’s mission is to foster the energy workforce pipeline. This is equally as important during tough times as it is during prosperous times. For a successful, sustainable industry, the pipeline of future, present and retiring workers requires a balance.


In 2016, the Education & Innovation Summit targeted all age groups, from eighth grade students through the senior executive level, by playing host to six informational, motivational and non-technical event sessions geared to a variety of interest levels within the energy industry. 

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