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STRIKE OIL: Limited LAGCOE 2019 sponsorships available

Connect with the right audience. Explore new opportunities. Discover unique sponsorships. In addition to supporting LAGCOE 2019, sponsorship dollars aid in LAGCOE's vision to be a robust, sustainable community of energy companies and volunteers that promotes energy education and awareness; connects businesses with opportunities and; showcases the Gulf Coast's technical innovations to the world.

Sponsoring companies benefit from LAGCOE 2019 sponsorship with exposure at LAGCOE 2019 in signage and on name badges and online before, during, and for up to two years after LAGCOE 2019 which aids in connecting with customers. 

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LAGCOE 2019 sponsorships are available at varying levels, providing companies with many advantages including additional priority points, which will give your company an advantage when it's time to book exhibit space, as well as first right of refusal for LAGCOE 2021 sponsorships.  

Secure your sponsorship today by emailing Jenny at jenny@lagcoe.com

 LAGCOE 2019 is pleased to offer an array of sponsorship opportunities for our shuttle bus transportation system.  This inclues everything from bus wraps to headrest ads to signage at the hotel pick up points.

2019 Shuttle Bus Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

2019 Shuttle Bus Advertising Rates

For more details, call expomarkit Media Group at 1-205-332-1413 x101  or via email at info@expomarkit.com.