LAGCOE 2019 New Technology Showcase

For much of its existence, the oil and gas industry has pushed the limits of innovation.


For much of its existence, the oil and gas industry has pushed the limits of innovation. Through hard work, creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking, extraordinary new technologies have been developed to find and produce oil and natural gas. For the 5th time in the exposition’s existence, LAGCOE will dedicate two technical sessions to recognizing exhibitors’ best forward thinking solutions by giving them an opportunity to present a brief overview of a recent innovation or technological advancement. This forum will allow exhibiting companies a chance to showcase new technology to the scores of industry leaders and LAGCOE attendees assembled for this one compact time slot. All current LAGCOE exhibitors and sponsors are eligible to participate in this program.


The winners of the 2019 LAGCOE New Technology Showcase have been selected and will be announced July 26, 2019.

The New Technology Showcase sessions are tentatively planned for Wednesday, October 9, 2019 from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. and Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. The official schedule will be updated in the coming weeks.


Applications will be accepted from any registered exhibitor or select sponsors for participation in LAGCOE’s “New Technology Showcase” with final selections determined by judging according to the following five criteria:

1. NEW: The technology must be less than two years old with age based upon first time the technology was used in a full-scale application or announced or advertised in a conference, press release or trade journal. The technology must not be in violation of any known patents.

2. INNOVATIVE: The technology must be original, groundbreaking, and create a step change in the E&P industry.

3. PROVEN: The technology must be proven, either through full-scale application or successful prototype testing. For example, a proposed new type of equipment in the design stage would not be considered applicable to this program.

4. BROAD INTEREST: The technology must have broad interest and appeal for the industry. For example, a new type of valve would not be considered new technology or of broad interest if simply a replacement of a previous valve at lower cost. However, the new valve might be considered to have broad interest if it has potential to change the way valves are used or impact the wider system that utilizes the valve.

5. SIGNIFICANT IMPACT: The technology must provide significant benefits beyond existing technologies. For example, an improvement in efficiency of an existing motor would not be considered new technology unless it has potential to change the way in which the motor is utilized in the industry.


All applications received for LAGCOE’s “New Technology Showcase” will be evaluated by a panel of judges using the five key criteria of new, innovative, proven, broad interest, and significant impact. To be recognized as part of this program, a majority of judges must determine that each individual criterion is met. The judging panel will select as many new technologies as time permits for the session but will limit selections to a maximum of 2 per company. Decisions of the judges are final.

Applicants are advised to provide clear explanations on the application form as to how each criterion is met; while sales brochures or other materials provided with the application may be reviewed, the explanations will be the primary source of information considered by the judges. Relevant technical papers presented at other conferences or exhibitions would also be useful to include. In the past, often the most difficult criterion for applicants to explain has been “significant impact” therefore it is important to fully describe the impact a proposed innovation or advancement has on the oil and gas industry. In some cases, a new technology may not meet criteria due to lack of uniqueness.

Applicants selected will be notified by July 26, 2019 and given the opportunity to deliver a brief high level presentation on their topic during LAGCOE’s “New Technology Showcase” sessions, tentatively planned for Wednesday, October 9, 2019 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm and Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Each presentation will be limited to 10 minutes (maximum) and must be prepared in PowerPoint format and submitted electronically prior to the session (may consist of slides and/or video if applicable).



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