2017 Louisiana Energy Research and Development Forum - Alternative R&D

Session Chair: Dr. Rafael Hernandez, Associate Director, UL Energy Institute of Louisiana & UL Chemical Engineering

  • 0900 - Challenges and opportunities facing the global biofuels industry Presented by: Mark E. Zappi, University of Louisiana, USA
  • 0930 - Derisking cleantech venture startups Presented by: Sumesh Arora, Mississippi Economic Development Authority, USA
  • 1000 - Biological pretreatment of lignocellulosics with white rot fungi for biofuel production Presented by: Raj Boopathy, Nicholls State University, USA
  • 1030 - Harvesting high value products from microalgae Presented by: M. Teresa Gutierrez-Wing, Louisiana State University, USA
  • 1100 - Dye sensitized solar cells: techniques and trends Presented by: Rajesh Roshan Biswal, Misantla Institute of Technology, Mexico
  • 1130 - Next generation microbes for lipid production Presented by: Andrei Chistoserdov, University of Louisiana, USA 


Session Chair: Mr. Bill Holmes, UL Energy Institute of Louisiana

  • 0100 - Synthesis of Renewable High Octane Hydrocarbons from Unsaturated Fatty Acids Presented by: Randy Maglinao, Montana State University
  • 0130 - Insitu gas disruption of oil rich yeast Presented by: Todd French, Mississippi State University, USA
  • 0200 - Production of bio-crude from wastewater treatment plants using an integrated system Presented by: Rafael Hernandez, University of Louisiana, USA
  • 0230 - Biosolids as a potential resource for value-added products Presented by: Paul Zappi, City of Beaumont, TX, USA
  • 0300 - Understanding the microbial processes to develop energy positive water resource recovery facilities and biorefineries Presented by: Veera Gude, Mississippi State University, USA
  • 0330 - Introduction of coal/biomass gasification for polygenerations with carbon capture Presented by: Ting Wang, University of New Orleans, USA
  • 0400 - Development and optimization of a wave energy conversation system with enhanced power to weight ratio and availability for deep-water offshore platform applications Presented by: Yucheng Lui, Mississippi State University, USA
  • 0430 - Production of adhesives from microalgae cakes Presented by: William Chirdon, University of Louisiana, USA




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