2017 Louisiana Energy Research and Development Forum - Alternative R&D

Session Chair: Dr. Mark E. Zappi, Executive Director of the UL Energy Institute of Louisiana & UL Chemical Engineering

0900 - Potential of digestion for application in Louisiana Presented by: Dhan Lord Fortela, University of Louisiana, USA

0930 - Electric energy generated by biogas from a floating dome type biodigestor in the tropics Presented by: Ramon Lain, Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, Mexico

1000 - Production of methane from landfills: a case study at the St. Landry Parish landfill Presented by: Katry Martin, St. Landry Parish Landfill, USA

1030 - Characterization of Different Copper Electrocatalysts / Carbon Films for the Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 Presented by: D. Lugo Cháveza, Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico

1100 - Energy production using fuel cell systems and supporting energy storage Presented by: Xiao-Dong Zhou, University of Louisiana, USA

1130 - A vision for tomorrow's alternative energy industry Presented by: Damien Gerard, Energy Consultant, Belgium


Session Chair: Dr. Terry Chambers, UL Energy Institute of Louisiana & UL Mechanical Engineering

0100 – Overview of biofuels and bioproducts research at DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Presented by: Corinne Brennan, DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

0130 - Torrefaction: A near-term promising technology to produce energy dense bio-coal from lignocellulosic and carbonaceous waste materials using pilot scale rotary reactor Presented by: Prashanth Buchireddy, University of Louisiana, USA

0200 - Developing co-products from tomorrow's biorefinery: municipal wastewater plants Presented by: Emmanuel Revelame, University of Louisiana, USA

0230 - Conversion of crude glycerol to propanediols using reactive distillation Presented by: Tracy Benson, Lamar University, USA

0300 - Evaluation and optimization of 3 ton/day bubbling fluidized bed gasification system to produce energy dense syngas Presented by: John Guillory, University of Louisiana, USA

0330 - Operational Testing and Performance Modeling of Solar Energy Systems in Louisiana Presented by: Terrence Chambers, University of Louisiana, USA

0400 - The Role of the DOE Regional Technology Centers in establishing the bankability of solar projects Presented by: Laurie Burnham, US Department of Energy, USA

0430 - Current trends in the solar energy industry Presented by: Anthony Armpriester, NRG Renew, USA




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