Information about LAGCOE 2017 Presentations will be announced Spring 2017. View video recordings of LAGCOE 2015 Presentations below.

LAGCOE 2015 showcased 15 technical and international presentations by 34 industry leaders. 

View the keynote address, 2016 Outlook: Leadership, Performance and Value, presented by Doug Lawler, President, CEO, and Director, Chesapeake Energy here:

View the keynote address, Surviving and Prospering in a Difficult Market, presented by Gary Luquette, President and CEO, Frank's International, LLC here: 

Click the links below to watch recordings of each of the LAGCOE 2015 Technical Presentations

The Delta House Development - Implementation of a Fast Track Project, a new semisubmersible Floating Production System (FPS) in deepwater GOM. Presented by Rick Fowler, VP Deepwater Projects, LLOG Exploration Company

Lien on Me: Are You Privileged - The Louisiana Oil Well Lien Act

  • Sam Masur, Gordon Arata McCollum Duplantis & Eagan, LLC
  • Armistead Long, Gordon Arata McCollum Duplantis & Eagan, LLC
  • David Rodgers, Gordon Arata McCollum Duplantis & Eagan, LLC

Deepwater Rigless Well Stimulation Technology. Presented by Christopher Mancini, Project Manager, Oceaneering International, Inc.

LNG and the American Energy Landscape. Presented by Jason French, ‎Director of Government and Public Affairs, Cheniere Energy

LAGCOE New Technology Showcase (video) - a showcase of various selected new technologies in a quick overview format
  • Concentric Pipe and Tool Rental - Superior Safety Wrench System
  • Halliburton - VersaFlex XtremeGrip Expandable Line Hanger System
  • Halliburton - SaltShield(SM) Cementing Service
  • Hypertherm - Freedom 38 PPA(TM) Plasma Cutting System
  • PhDSoft Technology - Structural Integrity Software
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Co. - Hydrus Tools
  • Seminole Services - Well Construction Equipment; Liner Hanger

Comprehensive and Rapid Deepwater Containment Response System.

  • Mike Pendergast, Deputy Regional Director, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE)
  • Roger Scheuermann, Special Projects Advisor, Helix Well Containment Group (HWCG)

Energy Innovators Pitch Challenge (video)

  • Spotter - Envoc
  • IRNDT Inspection Systems
  • Viper Drill
  • Dynamic Measurement
  • Flange Cuff
  • Iliad Field Ticketing Software – by Aristotle’s Alexander
  • PhDsoft Technology C4D
  • Cleargistix - by Necessea
  • Power Brush – by Begneaud Manufacturing
  • American Deep Steam

Click the links below to watch recordings of each of the LAGCOE 2015 International Presentations

Overview of International Opportunities in a Challenging Market. Presented by Paul Hillegeist, President, CEO & Co-Founder, Quest Offshore

Ukraine: Transforming Ukraine's Oil & Gas Sector: Major Reforms and Emerging Opportunities for U.S. Partners.

  • Vadym Glamazdin, Deputy Minister of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Host Country Official. Presentation: Overview of Ukraine's major energy sector achievements
  • Oleg Prokhorenko, CEO and Chairman of the Board of PJSC UkrGasVydobuvannyaPresentation: Transformation of UkrGasVydobuvannya. Opportunities for investment in Ukraine’s largest natural gas producer 
  • Devon Archer, Director at Burma Holdings. Presentation: Private gas production in Ukraine as a driver for energy efficiency and independence. 
  • Alastair McBain, Chairman of Board, Geo-Alliance Group. Presentation: Opportunities in Ukraine from a private company point of view. 
  • Stepan Kozytskyi, Director at Goryzonty Drilling company. Presentation: Exploration and Production of hydrocarbons in western Ukraine; Prospects for cooperation.
  • Pavlo Mazurok, Director Well Casing Services LLC. Presentation: Development and application of expertise methods and evaluation of technical, financial and environmental risks while creating hermetic cementing of oil and gas wells
  • Alex Gordin, Alfa Oil and Gas Company, representative in the USA Presentation: Prospects of Davydivsko-Lelyuhivska field development. 
  • Byelingio Oleksandr, Director Oil and Gas Company ALFA Ltd.: Prospects of Davydivsko-Lelyuhivska field development

Mexico: Newest Opportunities & Opening the Gulf of Mexico

  • Moderator: Rebecca Armand, Principal Commercial Service Officer, Commercial Service, U.S. Embassy-Mexico City
  • Gustavo Hernandez, Director General, Exploration and Production Director de la PEMEX
  • Francisco Xavier Salazar, President, Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Guillermo Garcia Alcocer, Mexico Secretary of Energy

Keys to Conducting International Business

  • Mary Jones, Attorney, Anti-bribery Specialist
  • Westy Ballard, Executive Vice President, International Services, Superior
  • Eduardo Borja, Managing Partner, Arena Business Consulting 

Saudi Arabia: Opportunities - Growth and Technology Needs

Offshore Industry and Opportunity in Korea

  • Joo-hyeon Baek, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Houston
  • Kayla Chun, KOTRA Dallas
  • Kwangmin Yim, Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone Authority (GFEZ)

Aramco Services Company: Partnering with the Best: Aramco Sourcing for Global Operations. Presented by Saleh Al-Rumaih, Manager, Procurement & Logistics, Aramco Services Company